Corporate Services

Sonali Securities Limited offers a wide range of corporate services to the different types of investors. It has a strong presence in retail as well as institutional segments. It caters to the needs for high net worth and prospective individuals and institutional investors. A brief account of corporate services provided by the Company is presented below.

  • Brokerage Services - Trade Execution for both Individual and Institutional Clients
  • Trade Execution for Non-Resident Bangladeshis
  • Trade Execution in the "SME Platform and Over-the-Counter Market"
  • Extend Credit Facilities through Margin Accounts to its valued Clients
  • Provide Custodial Services for Clients for Safe Custody of Securities
  • Provide IPO Services
  • Provide Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) Service
  • Allow Short Message Service (sms) Alert - Provide Statements through e-mail Depository Participant (DP) Service.
  • BO (Beneficiary Owners) Account opening and maintenance
  • BO ISIN balance enquiry
  • Dematerialization and Re-materialization
  • Pledging, Un-pledging and Confiscation
  • Corporate events announcement enquiry
  • Settlement of Transfers and Transfers & Transmission of Securities
  • Customized research on different aspects of the economy and capital market.